Success Story of the Month: Gallant Plumbing

Success Story of the Month: Gallant Plumbing

At Books4Tradies we love it when we hear about success stories.

Tradies who have mastered their craft but also turned it into a business that has growth, enjoyment, fun and all the AWESOME that goes with owning a positive business. Our friends over at Gallant Plumbing are a sterling example. They have generously shared with us just some of the ways they have achieved this.

Gallant Plumbing is a general maintenance plumbing business in Melbourne. The start of 2018 saw the addition of a marketing person at the Gallant team. This was seen to be the solution for many challenges we as small trades business were facing.

One of the biggest challenges many trades businesses face is employing excellent tradesman to work for them. To overcome this challenge, we chose to use social media to engage with plumbers and generate an audience of people who want to work for us! We do this on Instagram and Facebook, by posting content which promotes a great team culture, the type of work we do, information and stories about our company and fun and amusing going on’s at the company.

To enhance what we do on social media, we also use social media advertising.

This allows us to specifically reach the exact people we want to reach, by creating audiences relevant to ours. You can then create engaging content and social media posts which increases the brand awareness of the company.

Another challenge we as a small trade business face is engaging new clients and retaining current ones. There is an abundance of plumbing business out there and it’s not hard to find a new one if a client is not left satisfied with their previous experience. With current clients, we stay font of mind through email marketing. Every month, we send an email to our clients which contains content such as blog post, industry news and any content we believe they would find value in.

This positions our company as a figure of authority, that we are knowledgeable and that our clients can trust us and the work we do.

By receiving this monthly email, it means they are regularly reminded that Gallant exist and then when a plumbing issue does arise, we are (hopefully) the first person they think of!

We have started to generate new leads by using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This enables us to target and engage with people we want to work with, keep in contact and hopefully stay front of mind, so they engage us when needed. It’s important to understand that engaging new clients and generating new leads can be a ‘slow burn process.’ A great way we can attract new leads to give us a go is by offering free quotes. They get to see how we work, how quickly we can get work done and how we present ourselves . . . All for free! The Perfect lead magnet.

Our director also has a book, The Attraction Tradie which is a guide to building a trade business and career you are proud of. You can check it out here:

Thank you to Galliant for sharing your great story! If you are Tradie and have a great success story to share, let us know! Our community is growing on the daily and sharing the knowledge and positive news doesn’t always happen. Help us make it happen! 

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How To Turn A Business Trip Into A Holiday

How To Turn A Business Trip Into A Holiday

If you have a business trip lined up to a charming city or beachside destination, you may desire to add a few days of a holiday while you’re in town.

In fact, people traveling within Australia tend to go on domestic trips to nearby destinations rather than traveling to other states or territories. The best news? If you stay within the tax law boundaries, you just may be able to legally write off most of those additional days’ expenses as tax-deductible. I know right? However, we are all about being legit, so it needs to be done correctly and in alignment with our Government taxation and claimable expenses laws.

We at Books4Tradies know that many of you in the trades profession are called to travel often and perform a variety of services that can sometimes be in dream locations. If only you could spend an extra day or two there relaxing? Perhaps you can! Here, we share some of the ways you can turn a job into a legitimate holiday.

Legs of the young man on vacation. Idyllic beach on the Perhentian islands in Malaysia.

Here’s what to record:

Travel. The travel alone is likely to hike up your costs considerably. You’ll want to keep any travel expense records, including the length of your travel, as well as, any funds used in the commuting process (whether an airfare ticket, fuel or fees for Uber and taxi services). If you happen to commute yourself and incur any emergency repair or servicing costs, you’ll want to add those in as well.

Mileage. Keeping a mileage log is crucial, as well as, annotating the nature of your driving, approximate time and day of activity, the duration of the activity and locations specifying where your commute took you, to and from, for business transactions to take place. You can find logbooks apps online click this link for the top apps available.

Meals.  In addition to fueling your vehicle, you’ll also wish to fuel your body with food. Whether on-the-go or at a sit-down establishment with guests or clients, ensure that you are maintaining receipts display meals, snacks, and beverages. If you’re working remotely while eating or meeting with a colleague or client and pay for their meal, consider writing their name and a brief word or two about your overall purpose for the meeting. This will help you quickly recall why that respective meal was business-related come tax-time.

How to turn a business trip into a holiday

Business or Pleasure?

 For a business trip to be labeled as such, the majority of your time spent in a location must be for business.  That said, annotating the hours worked each day is essential and should not be less than or equal to the time spent enjoying the location as a holiday.  

Accommodation: you can potentially deduct the cost of accommodation on the days when you’re not conducting business, but it depends on how you schedule your trip. The trick is to wedge “holiday days” in between work days.

Tracking your business expenses may not seem like the most exciting aspect of your business operations. However, it can pay off in multiple ways.  Aside from keeping you in the clear with audits and similar integrity-based reporting procedures like taxes and accounting incentives (think loans and grants), it also can ease some of the financial burdens of a well-deserved holiday.  

To find out how we can help you keep your bookkeeping in order and your holiday within reason, contact us!


When a Tradie Inspires a Country

When a Tradie Inspires a Country

What do you get when you cross a tradie and a big heart? Heaps of smiles and feel good moments- that’s what!

One of the bits we love the most is when we get inspired by those we work with. Our mission at Books4Tradies is to have the backs of tradespeople across the nation, making sure they are getting their business needs, and mentorship looked after. We know the life of a tradesperson isn’t always easy; the passion for building and creating doesn’t always go hand in hand with the desire for invoicing and growth strategy right? But what does seem to come easy to many is mateship and helping those in need. 

Every day we come into contact with some pretty amazing people and this month when we heard about two mates who are building a movement, we were nothing short of impressed. We knew we had to make a connection with them, chat to them and it was a story we just had to share with you.

According to, more than three million people are living in poverty in Australia.

731,000 of which are children. A shocking yet stark reality and many of which struggle to keep a roof over their heads. As more locals struggle to complete essential maintenance and repairs to their homes essentials such as safety, warmth and comfort are put to the side in times of hardship. For two Aussie mates, this just had to change.

When childhood friends Ryan Wilson and Ben Shipley put their heads together to think of a way to help those in need, it was Ryan who suggested donating “tradie hours” – giving over quality trade work for a day each year to people nominated in the community.  

“I told him to sleep on it,” says Ben, “but of course he didn’t. He put a post up on Facebook, and Free Trade Day was born. Within a day the Facebook page had 100 hits, and the number kept rising. Somehow we reached the ears of network producers on Sunrise, and the rest followed.”  It is now a team made up of  Yvette Wilson, Jess Farrugia, Scott Anderson and a whole lot of big hearted tradies around Australia. So why did they do it?

“The whole thing is really about the kindness of tradies, looking for a way to give back to those who might have fallen on hard times that need a helping hand. We want to help people, and do you know the best bit? We have so many tradespeople wanting to get on board and help” says Ben. 

We encourage our readers to get on board if you can and register your interest or perhaps even nominate someone you know who could use a helping hand.

We want more people to hear about Ben and Ryan and their team and how a small idea can lead to an epic movement of kindness that can literally change hundreds if not thousands of lives.

Would you like to know more about Books4Tradies you can book a chat with our consultants now or please feel free to download our complimentary E-Book for Tradies HERE.

If you would like to become a part of the Free Trade Day Click Here

Australia we Have Arrived

Australia we Have Arrived

Aussie Tradies we have heard your call! 

We have arrived! Quicker than a retractable tape measure and more accurate than a TopCon laser level, Books 4 Tradies has been over a year in the making, and we are so excited! We are also causing a bit of a stir in the accounting and executive data industry. Why? Because no one else is doing it!

But there is a very serious reason behind our mission,

It is something very close to my heart that I have wanted for some time to address, and it is based on a terrible issue impacting everyday people. The WHY behind our new venture is a startling and horrible truth. According to the Australian Institute for Suicide construction workers – who are almost exclusively men are twice as high as other males to take their own life.  One of the reported reasons? Insolvency and stress. 

I have tradies in my family and many as good friends and I thought so many other industries have business support in place that is very specific to their area, this is not the case for building and construction industry

If you don’t like something, do something is my motto. 

I am a No BS kind of gal and I am putting my effort where my heart is. The rest is history. Twelve months later and after a lot of sweat, tears, swearing, laughter and hours of planning and preparation Books 4 Tradies has taken off.

Having a solution is one thing, but it has to be nimble, affordable and provide a service that is the standout. We have launched this month and the response has been phenomenal, and the phone is running hot. We knew it would speak to the hearts of hardworking tradespeople needing assistance, but nothing could have prepared us for the positive response!

One of the biggest problems in the industry according to feedback from tradies themselves is cash flow.

The fluctuating nature of the construction and building industry.  Sometimes it only takes one bigger paying job to refuse payment or have a stuff up for a few weeks, and this little cash flow issue that has been bubbling underneath turns into a volcano.  This is bad for business sure, but more importantly, the stress it can add to families and small business operators is awful. We knew something industry specific was needed and needed quickly.

The biggest task for us was to take the massive job of bookkeeping and accounting and drill it down into a simplified service that could offer a comprehensive package for tradies, so put it simply we can reduce our resource costs and pass that saving onto Tradies, give them excellent service but for a quarter of the price. Leaving no excuses and good fortune on the horizon



 Do you know someone struggling with their small business?

Or perhaps someone who is about to grow and needs a good team behind them, to help reduce the load? 

Please pass on our details. But more importantly, if you know someone that might need a hand contact the below organizations. No one should feel alone or think that a permanent can solve an impermanent problem.

Support is here for tradies or someone you know who might need a hand.

Mates in Construction: 1300 642 111

Lifeline: 13 11 14