Australia we Have Arrived

Australia we Have Arrived

Aussie Tradies we have heard your call! 

We have arrived! Quicker than a retractable tape measure and more accurate than a TopCon laser level, Books 4 Tradies has been over a year in the making, and we are so excited! We are also causing a bit of a stir in the accounting and executive data industry. Why? Because no one else is doing it!

But there is a very serious reason behind our mission,

It is something very close to my heart that I have wanted for some time to address, and it is based on a terrible issue impacting everyday people. The WHY behind our new venture is a startling and horrible truth. According to the Australian Institute for Suicide construction workers – who are almost exclusively men are twice as high as other males to take their own life.  One of the reported reasons? Insolvency and stress. 

I have tradies in my family and many as good friends and I thought so many other industries have business support in place that is very specific to their area, this is not the case for building and construction industry

If you don’t like something, do something is my motto. 

I am a No BS kind of gal and I am putting my effort where my heart is. The rest is history. Twelve months later and after a lot of sweat, tears, swearing, laughter and hours of planning and preparation Books 4 Tradies has taken off.

Having a solution is one thing, but it has to be nimble, affordable and provide a service that is the standout. We have launched this month and the response has been phenomenal, and the phone is running hot. We knew it would speak to the hearts of hardworking tradespeople needing assistance, but nothing could have prepared us for the positive response!

One of the biggest problems in the industry according to feedback from tradies themselves is cash flow.

The fluctuating nature of the construction and building industry.  Sometimes it only takes one bigger paying job to refuse payment or have a stuff up for a few weeks, and this little cash flow issue that has been bubbling underneath turns into a volcano.  This is bad for business sure, but more importantly, the stress it can add to families and small business operators is awful. We knew something industry specific was needed and needed quickly.

The biggest task for us was to take the massive job of bookkeeping and accounting and drill it down into a simplified service that could offer a comprehensive package for tradies, so put it simply we can reduce our resource costs and pass that saving onto Tradies, give them excellent service but for a quarter of the price. Leaving no excuses and good fortune on the horizon



 Do you know someone struggling with their small business?

Or perhaps someone who is about to grow and needs a good team behind them, to help reduce the load? 

Please pass on our details. But more importantly, if you know someone that might need a hand contact the below organizations. No one should feel alone or think that a permanent can solve an impermanent problem.

Support is here for tradies or someone you know who might need a hand.

Mates in Construction: 1300 642 111

Lifeline: 13 11 14